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    ACSM are an Authorised Retailer and Repairer for Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning products, meaning that we complete repair work under warranty.

    Mitsubishi Electric offer a 5 year manufacturers’ warranty from the date of installation. The warranty covers replacement parts and labour for manufacturing defects for the 5 year period. Customers must provide proof of purchase when requesting a warranty service call – this can be shown in a variety of documents including Compliance Certificates, Tax Invoice from installer/supplier, or a settlement document for new builds.

    The warranty does not cover third party products, accessories (such as air filters), or issues that have occurred as a result of user or installation error. It also does not cover any damage to paintwork, metalwork, or finished trims of the product caused by weathering, atmospheric fallout, hail, salt, or other corrosive residue, foreign matter entering the product (eg. dirt and moisture) or any other outside agency (including vermin damage).

    This warranty will not apply if:
    • This product is not installed by a licensed installer or the product is installed incorrectly
    • The product is damaged by the use of an accessory not supplied by Mitsubishi Electric
    • The product is installed in a moveable dwelling, e.g., caravan or boat.
    • The product is re-installed during the period of the Warranty at any location other than the original location
    • The product is damaged by a failure to check and clear obstructions in both indoor and outdoor sections of the product, including air filters, vents, coils, drainage pipes and ensuring the condensate drain is kept clean.

    Mitsubishi Electric will also not warrant damage caused by power outages.

    Some common Installation Errors:
    • Incorrect wiring
    • Leak in pipework resulting in loss of refrigerant
    • Incorrect power supply
    • Incompatible indoor/outdoor units
    • Inadequate sized system for room
    • Inadequate sized ductwork
    • Improperly sealed ducts
    Some common User Errors:
    • Incorrect use of controller
    • Lack of maintenance (blocked filters, blocked drains)
    • Power off at isolator
    • Dead batteries in controller
    • Louvres not clipped in
    Owners Responsibility

    Before you request a service to the product under this Warranty please check the following to save money. You will have to pay for service calls in relation to the product and any repair made to the product that is not related to a manufacturing defect in the product. POWER: Check that the power plug is pushed in and the power is switched on. If there is still no power, check whether there is power at the point by using another appliance. Also check that the circuit breaker has not been tripped. USER CONTROLS: Ensure that all user controls are correctly set. INSTALLATION: Confirm that the product is correctly installed. If necessary consult with the installer. OBSTRUCTIONS: The Warranty does not cover problems caused by dirty air filters, air flow obstructions in the indoor or outdoor section of the product, leaves, dust, or foreign objects blocking vents and coils. These are important points to be kept under observation and should be checked regularly. Blocked drainage pipes can cause condensate water to leak out of the product instead of draining from it. Check in humid weather. Regular checks for and clearance of obstructions are the owner’s responsibility. RELOCATION: This Warranty does not cover relocation or re-installation and set up of the product. BATTERIES: This Warranty does not apply if the product is damaged by the use of exhausted, leaking or used batteries or fails to function correctly as a result of the use of such batteries.

    Payments terms

    If the fault is due to a non-warranty fault the payment for the diagnosis is payable by the customer to ACSM Air Conditioning on the day via cash or EFT.

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